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Our Story

As ragdoll cat breeders and owners of beautiful show cats, there’s nothing more important to us than the health of our feline family members. We were never satisfied with what was available to us commercially; they are packed preservatives, artificial ingredients and low grade materials.

Our solution?

Make our own cat food!

Finally, a Nutritious and Balanced Meal

Here at Purrdine, we are committed to treating your feline friend like the royalty that they are. Cats are our family members and they deserve the best. That means food made from high-quality human-grade ingredients and contains absolutely no preservatives, no antibiotics, no hormones, and no artificial ingredients. Just all the necessary nutrients, made and delivered fresh.

Our formula takes into consideration all the protein, hydration and micronutrient requirements that your cat or kitten needs in a healthy diet. We added a vitamin supplement mix for healthy bone and fur development. A healthy kitty is healthy inside and outside.

Fresh and Made to Order

We believe in freshness, and so we make all our cat food to order. After pre-freezing for 48 hours for maximum freshness, we send it right from our facility to your home. Subscribe monthly and never worry about running to the store to get cat food again!

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